Capture the moment

Henri Cartier-Bresson,

If there was ever a person who were to take a second to realise the beauty in everything it is him. As well as being a gifted painter and later on a film maker his photography is what he is renowned for. His keen eye and attention to detail in every single shot made for fantastic photographs. As only film cameras were around in the 1930s a reel of film contained 24 shots and after each and every shot the film would have to be wound back and reset. Meaning unlike nowadays, he would take time and care over every shot so that when it came to developing them,from this, there would be a good number of images that could be processed and printed. Personally I think that the amount of time care you need to take in every single image using a film camera makes it something unique and special. To not know how an image turns out makes for spectacular surprises. When looking at his stairs image below, you can see the time taken to ensure the composition is perfect. You can bet that he would have waited at the top of these stairs for hours until the moment was perfect. The contrast of the image is also brilliant. You can tell everything has been set up so the lighting and setting of the camera are ready for that moment. The composition is particularly wonderful as your eyes are lead down the stairs, along the pavement and too the bicycle.




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